History of San Juan Island Grange #966

San Juan Island Grange #966 was chartered on February 9, 1931, with 22 members and Ben Beach as Master. In 1937, local members bought property on Spring Street and built a cooperative farm store with volunteer labor and materials. It offered freezer space, truck scales, and a gasoline pump. In the 1940s the Farm Store was closed and leased as a gasoline station and repair shop.

The Grange first met in the Woodmen of the World building at Madden’s Corner until the 1940s, when they moved to the Degree of Honor Hall at the Fairgrounds and then, in the mid-1950s, in town at the Odd Fellows Hall (currently the Whale Museum). In 1955 they moved next door to the Women’s Study Club at 152 First Street North, which they first leased and then purchased in 1975. The Grange Hall is a favorite location for many island meetings, events, and celebrations.

Worthy Masters/Presidents of San Juan Island Grange #966

Ben Beach 1931
Norman Fraser 1932
Josephine Lowey 1933-1934
Ella Dightman 1935
John Sundstrom 1936
LW La Bar 1937-1940
Walter Nichols 1941
Walter Arend 1942
Ed Ringer 1943
Eric Erickson 1944-1945
Bert Lawson 1946
James Hotson 1948
Harry Seidel 1949
Helen Seidel 1950
Bert Lawson 1951
Ed Ringer 1952
Clayton Smoots 1953
Al Sundstrom 1954
Katherine (Pinkie) Gilmer 1955-1956
John Jones 1957
Rey Dahl 1958-1959
Fred Sundstrom 1960
Herschel Shreve 1962-1963
Bob Blashfield 1961
Bill Baker 1964
Clyde Sundstrom 1965
George Peacock 1966
Bert Lawson 1966-1971
Eleanor Howard 1972-1973
Henry (Hank) Brown 1974
Elwin Phelps 1974
Helen Shreve 1975-6
Lewis Garlick 1977
Fred Sundstrom 1977-1980
Warren Vail 1981
George W. Rose 1982
Dick Morrison 1990-1991
Al Sundstrom 1994-2003
Don Burt 2004
Jim Sesby 2005-2007
Frank Penwell 2010-2011
Roger Ellison 2012-2014
Boyd Pratt 2015-2017
Steve Porten 2018-