Second Sunday Stories

Hello All,
Happy new year and good news! San Juan storytelling has a new venue
and time.
As serendipity would have it, with the Oar House no longer available, the
Grange reached out looking for an event like ours. Apparently they had an
evening (before my time) of telling stories about storms or a storm here? It
was well received and is dearly remembered.
So, fourth Fridays have turned into second Sundays of each month,
starting with March 10 at 7pm at the Grange. This makes drinks and
snacks a “bring-your-own” and share-as-you-like (or not) affair. This also
makes it possible for younger storytellers and listeners to join us.
So sit down by your fire this cold spell and put together your story for us.

Theme for April 14:

One of our biggest appreciations we have for living here (i think) is for feeling closer to the natural world.  As in, not the human-made world.  We feel the weather more here than in a city.  We cast our gaze to the skies more often.  And see eagles.  We can’t ignore the power of the water that surrounds us.  In its waves and currents.  Some of us make a living on those waters, some of sail in them or paddle.  A few even swim in them.  With sea lions?!  We wait for deer to cross the road.  We glimpse whales.  And foxes.  Tell us your “animal story.”  Some interaction you had with a member of the wild, or a domesticated friend too…something that surprised you, or reminded you that you too are an animal, or helped you see yourself in the context of this world.  Is there inter-species communication?  Anything come to mind?  I hope so and that you’ll tell it to us.    
True story, happened to you, under 8 minutes, without notes…tips attached in “what works.”  

I hope to see you there, 


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