2021 Officers of San Juan Island Grange #966

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President: Liz Smith

Vice-President: Roger Ellison

Nurseryman and Permaculturist at Thornbush Farm

Community Programs: Laura Jo Severson

Steward: Alice Deane

Assistant Steward: Bill Severson

I am a long-time visitor and resident of San Juan Island dating back to a 1965 visit with the family. After graduating from the University of Washington I traveled extensively, however I never found such a magical place like the San Juan Islands. I returned with my wife Laura Jo to settle down here, sail the boat and raise a garden.
Recently retired as an Electrical Engineer and Manager with the General Electric Company. I spent my 47-year career working in the field with Industrial and Utility customers. I finished my career as a Commercial Manager for the Distributed Power, Hydro, Wind and finally Solar businesses.
We are in the midst of creating the worst human-caused environmental crisis ever, yet we live— more than seven billion of us—using ever more resources and with a rising average standard of living. As we degrade the planet and alter the climate, as human population continues to climb, we consume more, pollute more, and waste more—and nothing seems to be stopping us. I believe:

  • The Grange is the best chance for a grass-roots movement on climate change.
  • We must start now - we only have 7 years to begin to decarbonize the climate.
  • The Grange can take advantage of my unique experience and skills.
Let’s work together to secure your future, create good farm related jobs in a clean sustainable fashion.

Lady Assistant Steward: Alison Longley

Secretary: Lovel Pratt

Treasurer: Val White

Chaplain: Katy Nollman

Flora: Christina Sesby

Ceres: Megan Jones

Pomona: Patty Garcia

Gatekeeper: Nancy Webb

Family Living Chair: Jessa Madosky

Musician: Mike Cohen

Executive Committee:

  • Boyd Pratt
  • Steve Porten
  • Doug Rowan

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