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What’s Happening with the Grange

Preserving food

Charging Towards Energy Independence

Posted May, 2023 ~ by Roger Ellison & Bill Severson

San Juan Island Grange is excited to announce the installation of a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger in front of Grange Hall. This will be the first EV charger on a public street in Friday Harbor and the first charger to be powered by solar panels!

When the Town replaced the sidewalk in front of the hall, they put in an electrical conduit to make installation easier for us. The charger has arrived and is now awaiting a permit from the town.

Preserving food

Spring Plant Sale

Posted May, 2023

It is all too easy to plant more seeds than needed each year, but don’t stop! Instead, donate your extra starts of vegetables, flowers, and herbs to the Spring Plant Sale! Divide perennials, and bring those too! Bedding plants, bulbs, vines, and berries…all are welcome. Please share details and recommendations about any unusual varieties you bring

Proceeds will support the Grange Seed Bank and Seed Library.

Preserving food

Food Preservation Workshop

Posted Apr, 2023

  • 11am-12pm: Water-bath canning
  • 12-1pm: Pressure canning
  • 1:30-2:20pm: Pickling and fermentation
  • 2:30-4pm: Freezing, drying, storage, and reducing food waste

  • Register here

Sourdough starter

Reminder of What's Cookin

Posted Apr, 2023 ~ by Deb Nolan

April 4, 8am-noon: Sourdough Bread Workshop. Contact Deb to reserve a spot at Debnolan@rockisland.com

April 5, 4pm: Eggs, Onions, and Instant Pot. Contact Deb to reserve a spot at Debnolan@rockisland.com

April 19 Potluck theme: Rhubarb

Kitchen is Cookin

The Kitchen Is Cookin

Posted Mar, 2023 ~ by Deb Nolan

Eggs, Onions, and Instant Pot April 5, 4pm (prior to monthly meeting) - Come dye eggs using onion skins and fresh leaves to create a design, and use the onions themselves to make a delicious French Onion Soup using an instant pot, for our pre meeting dinner. Contact Deb Nolan to reserve a spot at Debnolan@rockisland.com

April 19 Potluck theme: Rhubarb - Grange members, get ready to share your best rhubarb recipe! Think shrubs, Chicken Tagine, or Rhubarb Oat Shortcakes.At 5pm Nancy Best will be preparing her Rhubarb and Mint Chutney in our beautiful Grange kitchen!

Repair Fair

Repair Fair a Hit

Posted Mar, 2023 ~ by Anita Barreca

Thanks to Marc Santos and Ally Rugge’s organizational skills, the first annual Repair Fair was a smashing success! Even though it was held on Super Bowl Sunday, we had a steady stream of visitors. Marc counted 58 customers who brought in their broken lamps, torn tee shirts, and holey socks.

Eight “stations” were created around Grange Hall, including Alchemy Arts Center hosting indigo dyeing and screen-printing a brilliant design for tee shirts.

San Juan Island Repair Fair

Posted Feb, 2023 ~ by Marc Santos

Come learn and maybe make some repairs at a Repair Fair! SJI Grange #966, Alchemy Arts Center, and the Fellow Shop will be setting up repair workstations at Grange Hall on February 12, noon-4pm.

The fair is free. Some hand tools and sewing implements will be provided, but BYOS (bring your own supplies). Attendees will have a chance to mend clothing, make art, or repair simple/small household items (like a lamp!) at each workstation. Each organization will have folks on hand to help.

The Repair Fair is a collaborative effort of the Grange, Alchemy Arts Center, the Fellow Shop, Transition San Juan, and others. We will be coordinating repair, mending, and upcycle events year-round on San Juan Island, where attendees can find space, community, and resources to help themselves and each other become more resourceful.

The next Repair Fair event is scheduled for March 13 at Alchemy Arts Center. Details for the March event and future events will be shared on the Grange Facebook page as they are planned.


Seedy Sundays, Soon!

Posted Feb, 2023 ~ by Nancy Best

What: Free seeds—vegetables, herbs, flowers. All are invited to come share and receive seeds within our community. If you grew seeds last year, bring some to pass along. If you ordered more seeds than you need, this is a chance to give them a good home. Or you can come “seed free” to get seeds from your neighbors, as well seeds from our seed bank.

When: Sunday, February 19 and Sunday, March 19, 2 to 4pm

Where: Your Grange Hall

Who: Everybody (not just Grangers!)


Bringin' Back the Potluck!

Third Thursdays, 6-9pm @ The Grange

For Grangers & Guests

Local dishes & drinks encouraged

Starts January 19th!

Our Mission

To support a resilient community of growers, makers, and keepers, to foster social and political engagement, and to maintain our Hall as a home for celebrations and programs.

We are a grass-roots, non-partisan advocacy group, and because we are a non-profit (501c8), we can accept donations and participate in crafting legislation at all levels.

Our Grange

San Juan Island Grange #966 is for rural citizens with both legislative programs and community activities such as talent and craft contests, scholarships, and much more. You don’t have to be a farmer to belong, though many are. Our elected officers volunteer and our ‘work’ occurs through various committees, but the heart of our mission is community well-being, and we enjoy gathering to celebrate this.

The complete list of our 2022 Officers of the San Juan Island Grange #966 is here.

Our bylaws and resolutions are here.

Our History

The Grange started after the Civil War to begin healing and overcome the sense of isolation that many farmers were feeling as well as help them respond to new national markets. Grange Halls across the country housed mutual assistance programs, and many agricultural cooperatives were started by Granges to improve the economic lot of the family farm. Today each local Grange chooses its own mission and program, and Granges come together at the state and national levels for joint efforts.


How to reach us: