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San Juan Island Grange #966: Sweet Potato Workshop
Tuesday April 5, 2022

Dear Participant in the Sweet Potato Workshop,

We are so glad you attended the workshop. We might see an uptick in home-grown sweet potatoes in the islands this summer! Clearly, there are tricks to succeeding with this crop, and speakers Carol Miles and Srijana Shrestha gave us their repertoire. They have also provided us with four handouts summarizing this information. The handouts are:

Sweetpotato: Acclimatization of Tissue Culture Plants by by Srijana Shrestha and Carol Miles (Washington State University)

Sweetpotato: Slip Production by Srijana Shrestha and Carol Miles (Washington State University)

Sweetpotato: Production Practices by Srijana Shrestha and Carol Miles (Washington State University)

Sweetpotato: Curing and Storage by Srijana Shrestha and Carol Miles (Washington State University)

The Zoom recording of the workshop is here: Zoom Recording (passcode is hau6*uam)

The presentations from the workshop are here:

Soil-Biodegradable Plastic Mulch: Overview and Use by Carol Miles, Lisa DeVetter, Huan Zhang and Srijana Shrestha (Washington State University) and Shuresh Ghimire (University of Connecticut)

Sweetpotato Production by Srijana Shrestha and Carol Miles (Washington State University)

If you attended the workshop and did not pick up a sweet potato root, please let me know, and we will divvy up the ones that are left (of the Covington variety) and get one to you. Unfortunately, there are no more roots of the wireworm-resistant variety, but workshop participants could join up, so that one grower produces enough slips for two or three others.

Workshop participants on San Juan Island, please let me know if you would like to have one of the remaining Covington roots and we'll do our best. Please email me, and I'll confirm availability. Roots can be picked up next week at the San Juan Islands Food Hub pick-up site at Brickworks, Wednesday, April 13, 4:00 - 5:30pm. If you live on San Juan and would like to hook up with someone who received one of the wireworm-resistant variety, please let me know and I'll do my best to connect people.

For workshop participants on Orcas Island who ordered roots, your roots will arrive with the Food Hub delivery next week. Food Hub deliveries to Orcas Island are available for pick up at the Crow Valley Farmstand (formerly Maple Rock Farmstand), Wednesday, April 13, 2:00 - 2:45pm. If you live on Orcas and would like to try the wireworm-resistant variety, there will be one of those roots going to the Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture cooperative, and perhaps they would be willing to provide slips. To explore that possibility, please contact Caitlin Leck.

Workshop speakers Carol and Srijana indicated an interest in knowing the results of any sweet potato cultivation stemming from this workshop, so you could document your results, if you like. If you have any further cultivation questions for Carol and Srijana, please contact Srijana at srijana.shrestha@wsu.edu.

All the best, and good luck with growing sweet potatoes!


Candace Jagel
on behalf of San Juan Island Grange #966

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