Become a Fellow Granger!

Or Renew your Membership! The Grange accepts as members any person at least 14 years old. You do not have to be a farmer to be a Granger. An interest in local food growing and eating will help, though. Women have been equal partners in the Grange since its inception in 1867.

Come to one of our meetings to see what the Grange is all about. You are likely to find that a friend or neighbor is a member. Our member business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Visitors are always welcome!

Annual dues for membership are only $49, renewed each year during the month of your joining. Check out the great benefits below!

  • 50% discount rental of the Grange Hall, one day per year
  • 20% discount on all other rentals of the Grange Hall
  • 20% discount for membership in Island Air Ambulance
  • 10% discount for purchases from the following friends:
    • The Grange booth at the Farmers Market
      CarQuest/Lugnut Automotive
      Thornbush Farm
      Lost Valley Farm
      The Empyrean Group (tile, stone and irrigation by David Geist; interior and exterior design by June Hart)
      Ellison Repair
      Aurora Farms
      Archipelago Beverage Company
    • 3% discount at Horseshu Ranch
    • Participation in the San Juan Seed Company buying club
    • You may sell your work or produce at the Farmers Market Grange booth (The Grange and the Market charge a small commission)

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